10X your life !!!

So lately I have been struggling a little bit with procrastination and my work ethic. Not saying I don’t ever work hard but i’ve mainly just been confused with a lot of the steps that I’m taking and the direction that I want to go in. It’s like I feel as if i’m doing the right thing and i’m on the right path but whatever I do is never enough to satisfy my want and need for more. I feel exhausted from all my other activities but deep down I know that I can do better and do MORE. I have to reach inside me and pull out the lion, I am an alpha now it’s time to prove it again. Not just to myself but to everyone else that doubts me or thinks that I cant accomplish the goals that I have, no matter how lofty they appear.

Lately my biggest source of confusion is wether to jump start my career by taking a corporate job, or stick to my guns and continue my entrepreneurship. Now first  instinct is well, can’t you do both? And the answer is yes, I can do both but how limited would my time be that I could put towards my actual passions. However on the other hand there’s plenty of benefits that a corporate jobs comes with, like decent pay benefits etc. but I feel like if I were to take the job, I would be selling myself out a little bit. I just put in tons of work to become a real estate agent and it’s almost like i’m throwing all of that out the window to sell my soul to the corporate world. Now normally I would be so quick to turn this down, but the more I think about it the more beneficial it seems to be, plus I can still build my businesses on the side. Granted it will be at a much slower pace but nonetheless I will be able to do both things. But tell me what do you think I should do ….. stick with my passions because i’m very young and don’t have a lot to lose or try the corporate world for a year, learn a lot, make many connections and build up my passions slowly.


Here’s a video that explains the 10x rule and how it can benefit you in all aspects of my life…



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