Back from Break


Vacationing is always amazing, no stress, no obligations, sometimes I just hide my phone for a couple of days to relieve myself of the constant everlasting connection that I have with it. And i’m sure we can all relate to this. Our generation is almost to the point where we will have technology embedded in our brains (which Elon Musk just proposed). So vacation time is needed to ease the mind, refuel your gas tank and prepare to GO HAM when you return ! But isn’t it such a hard thing to do ??? Everyone always says “Wow, it doesn’t feel good to be back” but how can we change that attitude and natural feeling of depression after excitement and relaxation. It’s called preparation and action with a side of a mindset shift. Don’t sit there with the feeling of “what do I do now” just do it. Come back with the mentality that you’re going to work hard and attack your workload for weeks to come. It’s almost like pulling off a band-aid, you have to rip it off all at once, because if you do it slowly the agonizing pain will make it worst. Just get it done and over with so you can set your free time at the end of the week as a reward for all of your hard work and determination.


Also check out this article that I found that lists a couple steps of what to do to come back strong after a vacation:


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