Lost with no direction ????

Sometimes you just feel lost without any direction what-so-ever. You’re doing a thing but not sure if that “thing” is for you. You’re trying out different options and dabbling into the unknown but it only makes you feel more and more trapped. You know you’re meant for more and you know you will be more, but HOW ???? Don’t worry because a large portion of the world feels exactly the same as you do. Here is a quote to maybe inspire you a little bit… “You don’t have to know where you’re going to get exactly where you need to go.”  – Marilyn Hepburn. We tell ourselves we can’t when we know we really can, we lie to ourselves, try to fill our brain and bodies with with negative energy when all we long for is a positive feeling. YOU WILL GET THERE. I promise you, just stay focused on your end goal and everyday look for the little opportunities to not only take the stress away but to make you a better person.


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