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Have you ever sat back and opened up your eyes to what is going on within our nation ? Ever read some conspiracy theories ? Not saying that all of these “theories” are correct or even relevant but some of the information and view points just make you think… We are a capitalistic society living in a neo-liberal world, meaning WE LIKE MONEY and we will do whatever it takes to make ourselves RICH. And I don’t just mean this on a personal level, sit back and think for a second… Do you really think our government has our best interest in place ? If you want my opinion: “Noooooooo not even a little bit” and this gets proven over and over again through our capitalistic desires, I mean for gods sake we have a business man running our nation. If that isn’t solid proof that America is strictly just a business, then I don’t know what will make the people of our nation see through this facade of a “democratic government”. WE AREN’T EVEN A DEMOCRACY, WE’RE A REPUBLIC !!!! This is the problem with Americans, everyone thinks they know everything because they listen to the media but the media is the biggest manipulator ever. Going back into history, even Hitler used the media to brainwash the people of his nation. All i’m saying is don’t be fooled by the BS that everyone talks about and posts in social media, because while you’re concerned with “the water bucket challenge” or “the mannequin challenge” or whatever dumb challenge they decide to come up with next, there is someone behind the scenes pulling the strings, distracting you to make themselves richer. The wealth gap in America continues to climb and the very foundation that this nation was built on (being the melting pot of the world) is slowly vanishing. What do you think the wealth gap looks like ? I guarantee the reality is far from your perception. Take a look at the video that I have at the bottom of the page….. it’s unfortunate that this is the way it is, but our obstinate views of the world prevent us from seeing the truth. My point is, that no matter where you’re at in your life right now whether poor or rich, study the world, look back into history because history always repeats itself, become a secular person and you’ll be able to connect the dots and see that this world is not as great as everyone makes it out to be. It’s very conniving, sadistic and deceiving. But we all have to play the cards we’re dealt, so learn and make the most of your time on this planet. Be different, and try to change the world, one person can’t do everything but everyone can do something. #InspireThePeople


10X your life !!!

So lately I have been struggling a little bit with procrastination and my work ethic. Not saying I don’t ever work hard but i’ve mainly just been confused with a lot of the steps that I’m taking and the direction that I want to go in. It’s like I feel as if i’m doing the right thing and i’m on the right path but whatever I do is never enough to satisfy my want and need for more. I feel exhausted from all my other activities but deep down I know that I can do better and do MORE. I have to reach inside me and pull out the lion, I am an alpha now it’s time to prove it again. Not just to myself but to everyone else that doubts me or thinks that I cant accomplish the goals that I have, no matter how lofty they appear.

Lately my biggest source of confusion is wether to jump start my career by taking a corporate job, or stick to my guns and continue my entrepreneurship. Now first  instinct is well, can’t you do both? And the answer is yes, I can do both but how limited would my time be that I could put towards my actual passions. However on the other hand there’s plenty of benefits that a corporate jobs comes with, like decent pay benefits etc. but I feel like if I were to take the job, I would be selling myself out a little bit. I just put in tons of work to become a real estate agent and it’s almost like i’m throwing all of that out the window to sell my soul to the corporate world. Now normally I would be so quick to turn this down, but the more I think about it the more beneficial it seems to be, plus I can still build my businesses on the side. Granted it will be at a much slower pace but nonetheless I will be able to do both things. But tell me what do you think I should do ….. stick with my passions because i’m very young and don’t have a lot to lose or try the corporate world for a year, learn a lot, make many connections and build up my passions slowly.


Here’s a video that explains the 10x rule and how it can benefit you in all aspects of my life…


Back from Break


Vacationing is always amazing, no stress, no obligations, sometimes I just hide my phone for a couple of days to relieve myself of the constant everlasting connection that I have with it. And i’m sure we can all relate to this. Our generation is almost to the point where we will have technology embedded in our brains (which Elon Musk just proposed). So vacation time is needed to ease the mind, refuel your gas tank and prepare to GO HAM when you return ! But isn’t it such a hard thing to do ??? Everyone always says “Wow, it doesn’t feel good to be back” but how can we change that attitude and natural feeling of depression after excitement and relaxation. It’s called preparation and action with a side of a mindset shift. Don’t sit there with the feeling of “what do I do now” just do it. Come back with the mentality that you’re going to work hard and attack your workload for weeks to come. It’s almost like pulling off a band-aid, you have to rip it off all at once, because if you do it slowly the agonizing pain will make it worst. Just get it done and over with so you can set your free time at the end of the week as a reward for all of your hard work and determination.


Also check out this article that I found that lists a couple steps of what to do to come back strong after a vacation:



Have you ever heard of the saying, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings” …. Well she hasn’t sung yet ! Got a few more days until break, so don’t give up just yet. All of the most accomplished people in this world know that you have to give 150% effort until the task is complete…. Are you 4th quarter strong ?? Got a little Michael Jordan clutch factor in your veins, because only losers give up. When the tough get going we don’t pack our bags, we stand our ground, look the challenge right in its face and overcome it. It’s the 4th quarter, how are you going to finish…….134965841-187d8829fa9790281e77ae618e0eca1f

Eyes wide open


Don’t be blind to what’s going on around you. See the world for what it is, listen to the stories of the people and not the media… become a secular person.

That was a loooong weekend #StPaddys

I understand we all like to have fun, we need it to balance the stress levels and to realize that you only live once and with as hard as you work, it’s a necessity to have fun as well. This weekend was the one day that everyone is allowed to be Irish and it was great to get away from the madness of life and relax with good company. Now it’s a new week, the holiday is over and its time to get back to the grind !!! #BeastMode #InspireThePeople

Lost with no direction ????

Sometimes you just feel lost without any direction what-so-ever. You’re doing a thing but not sure if that “thing” is for you. You’re trying out different options and dabbling into the unknown but it only makes you feel more and more trapped. You know you’re meant for more and you know you will be more, but HOW ???? Don’t worry because a large portion of the world feels exactly the same as you do. Here is a quote to maybe inspire you a little bit… “You don’t have to know where you’re going to get exactly where you need to go.”  – Marilyn Hepburn. We tell ourselves we can’t when we know we really can, we lie to ourselves, try to fill our brain and bodies with with negative energy when all we long for is a positive feeling. YOU WILL GET THERE. I promise you, just stay focused on your end goal and everyday look for the little opportunities to not only take the stress away but to make you a better person.


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